It's Home.


These real homes in real neighborhoods allow seniors to remain in the type of environment they’ve known their whole lives—not a large facility.

Age in Place.


Your loved one should not have to move because care needs have increased. We welcome our residents through all phases of life & care levels.

Personalized Care.


We have one caregiver for five residents, compared to facilities that typically have one caregiver for 15-40 residents. Our residents get care when they need it.

Memory Care.


Our homes are great for seniors with memory issues by helping to reduce agitation, anxiety, confusion, & other challenges that can be triggered in a large facility setting with too much stimulation.

Fair & Stable Cost.


We often cost thousands less than assisted living, nursing home or home health care, and we don't have à la carte prices or frequent care price increases.

Quality of Life​​.

Our residents decide how to live their daily lives: when they want meals, personal care, activities, etc.






T: 877-762-3193

F: 614-386-1233 

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